Fully Automatic Baler, Installed in Commerce, CA

Our GBaler runs 6 days a week 10-12 hours per day. We run on average 100 tons a day through the machine; it is a key asset to the steady production of our plant. In the 3.5 years it has been here we have had less than 3 days of down time due to breakdowns. The machine is well built and has grease fittings throughout. With the sliding side access covers my crews can clean the baler out daily with compressed air without getting into a confined space! The access to the Auto Tier and the wire pusher assembly makes our preventive maintenance easy and we don’t need trained maintenance personal to do the daily and weekly PM’s. The Auto Tier works great - the machine doesn’t miss ties. I can count on one hand the amount of wire ties we’ve missed this past year!

When we have needed support from the Unlimited Recycling Resources team in regards to parts or service they are prompt at calling us back. If they are not immediately available, they have the technical ability over the phone to diagnosis and solve a problem. If a service call is needed they are usually onsite within a few hours or the next morning.

Ronald Evans
Safe Shred Facility Manager


Ronald Evans, Safe Shred Facility Manager GB1111FS 2506 Fully Automatic Baler installed in Commerce, CA August, 2012

Fully Automatic Baler, Installed in Boise, ID

Our GBaler runs 5 days a week 12-14 hours per day. We run on average 200 tons of recyclables through the GBaler each day. It is a key asset to the steady production of our plant and it is imperative to have an efficient and reliable baler in our system as we cannot afford downtime. We went from a 2 ram baler to the GBaler single ram arid shortly after it's installation we added a sort system. We are now processing curb side recyclables in addition to commercial waste. In almost 2 years of operation we have had less than 2 days of down time due to breakdowns. We have worked through some situations ourselves, as we have a fully capable maintenance department onsite. The machine is very adjustable either with a mechanical adjustment or by adjusting parameters in the touch screen. It is simple to maintain with grease fittings throughout and the sliding side panels make access simple and convenient. To date the Sheer gap is still less than 1/8 of an inch and hasn't been adjusted since coming from the factory. With rollers on the ram and hardened roller tracks we have seen very little wear on the machine to this point.

When we have needed parts, service or technical support the Unlimited Recycling Resources team is very prompt to answer or they call right back if we leave a message. Being 800 mites from their office parts can be overnighted or found locally and they are happy to help us troubleshoot, diagnosis and solve problems over the phone.


Soron Root
Facility Manager
Western Recycling


Soron Root, Western Recycling Facility Manager GB 1111F 2512 Fully Automatic Baler, Boise Idaho June, 2014