Manual Tie G-Baler – GB-1111 CSS

Available Options

  • HP 20, 30

Feed Opening 71” x 44”
Bale Chamber 43” x 43” x 138”(Max)
Bale Size expandable 43” x 43” x 63”(Max)
Bale Weight (O.C.C.) 1,100 – 1,650 lbs.
Machine Weight 19,800 lbs
Main Baler Body Frame SS41
Cutting Knife Replaceable Tool Steel Scatter Cutter
Door Cylinder 3″ 45″ Stroke
Number of Ties 5
Ram Face Pressure 75 PSI
Cycle Time (No Load) 42.2 Sec.
Production (O.C.C.) Depends on method of feed
Hydraulic System Regenerative
Oil Reservoir 350 Gallons 1360 Liters
Hydraulic Cooling Air Cooling (option)
Hydraulic filtration Suction Filter
Hydraulic Pump Brand DENISON
Valve Brand VICKERS
Operator Interface Human Interface (option)
Main Motor Control STAR/DELTA
Controller Brand SIEMENS
UL Standard
  • One year warranty under normal use and maintenance, except for consumables.
  • 2 and 3 year service contracts available.
  • Nationwide Service