Briquetting press StyroPress® – Volume reduction of EPS (Styropor®) by up to 97%!

The StyroPress®  model is a briquetting press for the reduction of volume of loose EPS (Styropor®). The innovative pressing concept of this briquetting press with integrated shredder compacts the briquets to up to 45 lb/ft 3This briquet density ensures full use of the capacity of truck and sea containers of 24 t.

In comparison: Without compaction by means of a briquetting press, only about 1, 700 lbs. of the loose material can be transported in one truck or container! Thus, you are saving a considerable amount of transport and logistics costs and are furthermore in a position to profitably sell the briquets!

Mode of operation: Through the large feed opening (approx. 47″ x 47″) of the briquetting press, the shaped parts are directly inserted into the six shredder shafts and shredded there. Conveying screws transport the shredded material through an intermediate reservoir to the pressing chamber. There, the material is compacted into briquets with a pressure force of 56,000 (lbf) or pound force

Advantages at a glance

  • transport capacity used at 100%
  • continuous operation
  • little space required for the machine
  • high proceeds for briquets
  • durable, easy to operate, reliable
  • Integration running in the production
  • automatic concept
  • insertion of large items and quantities
  • saving of logistics and labour costs

Product Specifications and Technical Drawings

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    Technical Drawings