BaleTainer® – profitable and fully automatic disposal!

The BaleTainer® is a fully automatic baling press for the compaction of paper, cardboard packaging, film and empty PET bottles and easily handles large quantities of waste. The innovative BaleTainer® takes you to the next dimension of disposal technology:

Due to the large feed opening, large quantities of PET bottles and large cardboard packagings such as octabins and cardboard pallets can be easily thrown in without pre-shredding. Filling can be carried out manually, by means of a lift truck or via a conveyor belt. The bale is compacted according to the segmental principle. As soon as a segment has been finished, it is pushed out of the pressing chamber into the bale channel.

Apart from the fully automatic filling of the pressing chamber, wire setting and bale discharge are also done fully automatically, thus saving manpower and working hours! Furthermore, due to a new pressing concept of the baling press, less pressure force, less energy and less space are required. The bales in industrial format offer all prerequisites for direct marketing. At 24 t, truck and sea containers are filled to their full capacity. This reduces the time and the costs required for long transport journeys and improves in-house logistics.

Advantages at a glance

  • transport capacity used at 100%
  • insertion of large items and quantities
  • high proceeds for bales
  • automatic filling possible
  • automatic concept
  • saving of logistics and labour costs
  • easy to use
  • Integration running in the production
  • continuous operation

Product Specifications and Technical Drawings

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    Technical Drawings