LiquiDrainer® – automatic, quick and profitable emptying of filled liquid containers. Watch a video of this machine in action

Efficient and automatic emptying – time-consuming manual emptying is over!

The LiquiDrainer® empties filled PET bottles, TetraPak® and beverage cans. Even entire packages can be emptied. High-cost manual opening of the bottles is no longer necessary, the LiquiDrainer takes over this job automatically and quickly for you! The small space required and the low weight enable mobile use. Furthermore, the LiquiDrainer can be flexibly employed for various materials.

The mode of operation is simple: The material is thrown into the feed funnel. A rotating rotor perforates the filled material (no splitting up!), squeezes it out and pre-compacts it. The material is drained and the liquids are separately removed  and run through a coarse filter box. The emptied material is automatically pushed out by the following material via a discharge chute. Then the emptied and pre-compacted Material can be compacted in briquetting or baling presses. The design of the LiquiDrainer permits easy cleaning and transport.

Advantages at a glance

  • flexible use
  • little space required for the machine
  • easy and quick cleaning
  • Integration running in the production
  • continuous operation
  • durable, easy to operate, reliable

Product Specifications and Technical Drawings

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    Technical Drawings